Terms of Use

Our Terms of Use

Who Reads Your Request?

Your request is sent directly through a kind of data tunnel (SSL) to a server from which it is not forwarded (web-based). It is anonymized, read and answered on the server. This means that your inquiry will arrive anonymously and directly at the counseling team. All regular employees and volunteers of www.aidshilfe-beratung.de are obliged to maintain secrecy.

For the purpose of training and further education, colleagues of our online counseling may sometimes take a look into the discussions. If you do not want this, please let us know when you first contact us and we will naturally respect your wish.


By using <link http: www.aidshilfe-beratung.de external link in new>www.aidshilfe-beratung.de you will not incur any costs other than the cost for your own internet connection.

Limitations of Our Counseling
Counseling sessions do not include activities which are reserved for medical professionals (medicine, alternative medicine, psychotherapy, etc.). Counseling sessions also do not include individual legal advice. This type of help is reserved for special legal professionals.

Disclaimer of Liability

Neither the operator nor the counselors of www.aidshilfe-beratung.de accept liability for any advice you adapt from the counselors and how you implement it. This is your own responsibility.

Neither starting contact with www.aidshilfe-beratung.de nor the guided communication within the framework of our counseling will establish contractual obligations between the Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe and the user. In particular, a legally enforceable claim for advice and contractual liability is excluded on the basis of counseling.